The Cramm Award


This has been a weekend of chain tags. I am getting through them, not unlike an ox. This is an award post tag from Silvia of thehappiestpixel. She lives in a town somewhere in Spain and is a foodie who wants to make her way to Australia some day to hug a koala. Did that not put a smile on your face? You know where to find her. Go on, then.

The Cramm Award has been created by TheCramm (created by Liv).

The Rules for this Award are:

  • Include that little titbit about who created this award
  • Mention the person who nominated you
  • Share three things that motivate you to blog
  • Share three people who inspire you to blog
  • Share one thing you hope to do to improve about the world
  • Answer your challenge question
  • Nominate other bloggers and give them a fun challenge question

Three things that motivate you to blog:

  1. Ready Reference. My memory shall not get the better of me as I age. When I am chattering with my husband in dentures some day and reminiscing about those carefree young days (because when you are old there is pretty much your youth to look back to, unless you start doing crazy things at the age of 90 like some people do – you know, when they start biking across the world or swing from trees and you can see their ropy muscles), I want to be able to click on this blog with shaking digits and all, and quaver to him, “See this is what I meant. I was right all along,” and shake my head full of white mussed-up hair.
  2.  Blogging has brought me great pleasure in the past. As I did mention earlier in one of my posts, I had an anonymous personal blog which was like the diary of a young journalist. An angsty one. The alternate world I was privy to made it special. That you can have a batch of people in your life who you have never met or probably shall meet — yet they touch your lives in so many ways almost every day. It was time get back into the groove I had found once.
  3. Writing makes me happy. Releases those endorphins. I send stories to magazines and newspapers but nothing gives me the high of having my own platform. The part where I can give my kinda headline, captions and choose the kind of photographs I decide will look good. Yessir, it is my domain. To me blogging is a bit like running in the beautiful, huge park near my place (which makes me incredibly happy everyday). Only when I am blogging, the fingers and the mind run together in conjunction.

Three people who inspire you to blog:

  1. My husband
  2.  Life (for me is a wonderful friend)
  3. You who are reading this

One thing you hope to do to improve the world

Put troublemakers on a non-return flight to Mars.

Challenge question

If you were given a chance to correct your mistake or start a new life, would you take the chance? Why or why not?

I would not. I am inherently lazy so it would mean too much work, plus the mistakes, I believe, have conspired to bring me where I am. I think a lot but I also let certain things be because they are a part of this entire process called living. As a wise author noted: “Let all of life be an unfettered howl. Like the crowd greeting the gladiator. Don’t stop to think, don’t interrupt the scream, exhale, release life’s rapture.”

My nominees

All you bloggers who like the idea of this – go on, do it. 

My Challenge Question To You

What are the things in life you would hold onto and what would you let go of?

And on that note, I shall catch you again tomorrow morning.

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Arundhati Basu

The great affair in my life is to travel. I count myself immensely fortunate that my partner shares this passion. We are a team that likes to spend time planning and plotting out places to go. Destination check, flights check, accommodation check, cheesy grins check. Off we go.

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