These Fleeting Days of Summer

Midday. I was standing on Broadway, the stretch on Bayonne where a row of ramshackle storefronts stands shoulder to shoulder. Old-timers from the look of it. Dry cleaners, pizza joints, a dental center or two, a bank… humdrum life passed by me. Then an old geezer flashed by on a Harley. One of those muscular, red breeds. Not the man, the bike, broad, low-slung and stylish. Its rider’s blond white moustache defied gravity in the face of momentum. It was all over his face not unlike bleached cotton candy (if it could glide in the air). Now I have seen all kinds of moustaches – the narrow, pointy and long Dali one, the broader Chevron, the spaghetti variety…but this was the stuff that legends are made of. I suppose if doormen of old hotels, with their plush Victorian whiskers, were asked to take over the roads on superbikes, they would look just so. Of course they would have to swap their livery for leather. You’ve got to respect tradition.

The humidity levels are abating and my hair feels better already. On early evenings, I find myself savouring sprints in the park. They are no longer a painful chore. Is autumn knocking on our doors already? It certainly feels like it as I jog down to the waterfront, the heart and feet pounding at tandem along the length of the wooden path that trails through marshy green acres by the mighty Hudson, long reeds swishing in the cool breeze of the evening. A solitary gull steps nimbly through tiny pools of water, peering intently into the shallow bed. It is a great stretch for birdwatchers, for warblers, herons, yellowlegs and egrets like to swoop in once in a while for their inspection of the scabby marshes. The turnpike bridge over the bay brings in a spot of the city in the backdrop but otherwise you might as well be in the boondocks. Nearby in wooden sheds, people have scribbled odd somethings.

I wonder if it is true – what they say about the park. At one point it had been a boat-building factory where PT boats (Patrol Torpedo boats which were torpedo-armed fast attack crafts used by the US Navy during WWII) were manufactured. There was supposed to have been an accident at the factory. A boat fell off its railings crushing two men. The daughter, of one of those unfortunate men, is said to roam the area calling out for daddy. It is a good thing that I wrap up my run before dusk falls.

It would be even better if I could manage to take Adi running there and he could encounter the young girl. He is such a braveheart. But no, that is not to be because my husband shall not be budged from his seat on the couch. Nowadays he is working from home, and in between work, sneaking in sessions of solving puzzles. We have been incredibly indolent this summer. Apart from the occasional jaunts into the city, we have been sitting at home, doing it up slowly, binging on TV shows, reading, tucking into popcorn and pizza, attending rooftop barbecues and meeting neighbours, guzzling bottles of wine and hunching over jigsaw puzzles apart from demolishing home-made cakes quite readily. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Who cares? Not Adi. He will have you know, if not through words, that he Shall Not Run because my man is a man of action, if I may say so.

I have been ripe for a disjointed summer ramble for some time now and this is my bit towards the end of summer musings along with some photos from Bayonne.















2017-08-11 10.42.08 1.jpg





2017-08-04 06.40.18 1.jpg

2017-07-13 11.51.51 1.jpg


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Arundhati Basu

The great affair in my life is to travel. I count myself immensely fortunate that my partner shares this passion. We are a team that likes to spend time planning and plotting out places to go. Destination check, flights check, accommodation check, cheesy grins check. Off we go.

90 thoughts on “These Fleeting Days of Summer

      1. Are you a dog stalker too then? 😉 My favourites among the dogs in my building are the Great Dane, a hyper Retriever and an old Boxer (who is carried by his master to the park because he is injured).

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  1. What a fun read! I loved how you described the biker, I could really see him before my inner eye 🙂
    Oh and poor Adi, he deserves a break once in a while 😀
    And is this your aparment? It looks so cozy!

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  2. I am secretly suspecting you to be the author of the bluish scrawlings there, wise-cracking it again 😉 I am also curious about those plans of doormen to rule the roadways. Please let me know if there are any further indications this is imminent.

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    1. You make me laugh out loud with every comment you leave, Lars. You shall be intimated about such plans though you have to keep quiet about it – it could herald a mighty revolution of sorts.


  3. I recall seeing a lot of these photos already 😀
    I especially lots those puzzles, I am dying to do a new puzzle, but I still have no space yet ?

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  4. Just loved this….felt your languid mind…had a sudden urge to visit your home… beautifully written …. waiting for more of such pointless stuff…. lovely!

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  5. I was so looking forward to a photo of your old geezer biker dude to compare him to our town’s equally old biker dude with his 1970’s flowing hair, mustache and beard which is now snow white and really quite striking. I’m sure it’s not the same guy so it must be that every town gets one aging biker hanging onto his glory days and some pretty good looking hair. Thanks for the smiles.

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    1. Why you are quite welcome. Thank you for the comment that made me laugh. Hanging around Broadway waiting to get that missed shot of him – might stink of desperation! I shall try to hold myself back.


  6. That moustache! How I want to see it for myself …. settling in, nesting like the glorious birds you have seen – it takes time and care. Your lovely ramble through your place, reminiscences of the early days finding feet and easing yourself in accompanied by a slough of fetching photos has me stateside dreaming. Keep settling (and puzzling) well xx

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    1. Those were worthy whiskers 🙂 Aw nesting. That is a lovely term. We are doing just that, Osyth. Thank you for indulging my rambling. Stateside dreaming. Love those words. I shall carry out your advise to the hilt! xx

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  7. What a lovely piece, pulled me right into your life. To be honest, sometimes it pays to be indolent. I am training for a 10k swim (a sort of marathon) and I’m mostly knackered. I am looking forward to a few indolent months come winter (although last year that cost me two stones and none of my clothes fit me.) Beautiful pictures too. I loved the description of the moustache…

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    1. A 10k swim sounds fabulously draining. But oh how lovely and svelte you will feel! That feeling itself is invaluable. Thank you for the kind words, Mary. Hope you are having a chilled out Sunday. xx


  8. Enjoyed reading your summer musings and seeing the marvelous photographs. Liked your observations on the geezer’s mustache. For a while Lex had a mustache too and he did get some ribbing for it – some of his buddies kept comparing it to a 70’s porn star ‘stache. I was glad when he shaved it off. Did you make the chocolate cake with the scarlet raspberries? Lovely and scrumptious! – Neek

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    1. Thank you sweet Neek and you added another variety to my grasp of the ‘stache family. Poor Lex. Moustache dreams nipped in the bud? He could do a series of posts on various looks and boy would it be a hit.

      The chocolate cake did turn out delicious. It was a dark chocolate-raspberry cake with a filling of raspberry and chocolate ganache. The frosting looks grainy because I did the boo boo of overheating the chocolate. I extend a fat slice to you (since I have frozen it and we are having it bit by bit) 😛 xx

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      1. Great idea! Not sure if Lex would be willing to comply. Maybe I could persuade him to try some fake ones 😉 The cake looks so professional – didn’t notice any grainy frosting. A masterpiece worthy of a salute to Captain Cupcake! We will accept your slice with honor and solemnity.

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  9. I love doing puzzles! And eating home made cake at the same time? Yummm. It seems we are right in the middle of summer in Japan right now, with days reaching 35 degrees. Enjoy the rest of your summer 🙂

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  10. Beautiful photos! This summer has been quite slow as well for me – no big trips, just some small ones and a lot of bbq parties and lazing at home with Netflix and chilled beer 😀 I noticed two days ago that the days are getting shorter and although I love autumn I will miss the sunny days..

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    1. Is that not one of the best ways to spend summer? Bbq parties and chilled beer and Netflix… I love every element of your summer party. Of course nothing beats getting out there and sweating it out with some hikes and views to soothe the soul.

      I like these long days though I am glad the humidity is kinda leaving us alone. Here in NY/NJ the heat is so stifling. We never felt the sting of summer in the UK except for a few weeks. Though I am quite excited about the colours of autumn here. I hear it is spectacular. Something’s gotta give 😉 xx


  11. “Its rider’s blond white moustache defied gravity in the face of momentum. It was all over his face not unlike bleached cotton candy ” Wow! what an image. Such a delightful joy to read this little nugget in your post today! Thank you, Dippy-Dotty Girl!

    p.s. Those photos … always so wonderful. Can I ask, taken with an SLR camera or with a smartphone? So rich.

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  12. I’m feeling the end of summer in the air too. I had to laugh about your hair. Mine is a frizz ball most of the year here in damp Vancouver (summer is actually better). Hope you get Adi off the couch but looks like there are too many pleasant things keeping him there (cake with raspberries looks delicious!).

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    1. Thank you Caroline! I hate being Monica during humid summers. The humidity gets the better of my mane. Adi pretends to work out. Once a week he goes to the gym and then comes back home glowing with half an hour’s run on the treadmill! I do not know why I do not give up :-/

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  13. Is it me or it looks like a serious home now? I am glad that some books survived the moving and that a little slice (I mean part but I was thinking about the cake) of London made it to your new house. The rooftop looks stunning as always!

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    1. Thank you Virginia! We are quite in love with the new furniture…I have two cupboards stashed with books and a few have been added since we have arrived 😉 The British spirit is caught inside the American shell of our home. xx


  14. Another great post, with great pictures. Love the title too, immediately had a picture in my mind of a summer day closing into evening 🙂 I am nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, the post goes up tomorrow, I have linked your blog in it but just in case you don’t get a notification 🙂

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  15. Fellow rambler… I am.
    a) I’d like to meet the girl too and scream my head off at the same time.
    b) Your photography skills are unmatched. I adore them:-)
    & c) If I could get a piece of that cake… life would be complete.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hiya Charity, thanks for the laugh and the sweet thought. If I could I would send you a cake all for yourself.
      If I spot her, I shall try and exercise my vocal cords to their fullest capacity. Also I will ask her to consider posing for a photograph…after all I come highly recommended. xx

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  16. . Love the deed too, immediately had a icon in my thinker of a summertime mean solar day completion into even ? I am nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger accolade, the station goes up tomorrow, I let linked your blog in it but just in casing you wear’t beget a presentment ?

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