The Lambertville Photo Roster

An idyllic town filled with artists and antiques by the Delaware river, Lambertville carries promises of halcyon days beneath the bowers of trees that line its streets. The photographs you shall see soon have all been culled from Adi, but I do feel rather dissatisfied that I do not have enough to do justice to the air of Victoriana that hangs about the town’s able shoulders. A church spire glinting beneath the harsh glare of the noon sun, paint peeling off the red door on the street, carefully renovated old house fronts with period features still in place, transom windows, quaint lampshades lighting up interiors of cafes housed within aged properties, historic brick and stone facades, an old railroad and sprawling antique stores brimming with vintage finds.  I hope you will be a little carried away by the workings of this 18th century town that was the stopping point of choice for stagecoaches travelling the New York-Philadelphia route along the old York Road.

2019-06-05 07.06.22 2.jpg
The former residents of this town, the Lamberts and the Coryells, rest in the graveyard of the First Presbyterian Church of Lambertville. The church building dates back to 1854.
2019-06-05 07.06.25 1.jpg
The Marshall House is the legacy of James Wilson Marshall, the man from Lambertville who directed the world’s attention to California with his discovery of gold flakes along the American River. The irony is that Marshall received no recognition or gold and lived a hand-to-mouth existence till the day he died. 
2019-06-05 09.02.43 2.jpg
Adi and sister-in-law give into a photo at the stairs of The Marshall House that was built using ‘Lambertville Pancake brick’, a locally dug and fired clay. 
2019-06-05 07.06.24 1.jpg
‘Gram worthy streets and coffee shops of Lambertville
2019-06-06 08.52.39 1.jpg
Artists busy at work on the pavements of the 18th century town.
2019-06-06 08.52.42 2.jpg
The Victorian property within which sits Caffe Galleria, spelt with a double f as a tribute to its owner’s Italian roots.
2019-06-06 08.52.42 1.jpg
Inside the cafe, you still see a dated fireplace, beautiful wood panelling, and a period bathtub swathed in dust in its quaint loo.

2019-06-06 08.52.39 3.jpg

2019-06-05 07.06.23 3.jpg

2019-06-05 07.06.24 2.jpg
A church for the Catholics on Bridge Street
2019-06-06 08.52.41 2.jpg
A peep inside St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church
2019-06-05 07.06.21 1.jpg
Oomphy doors of Lambertville
2019-06-06 08.52.44 3.jpg
Antiquing pleasures
2019-06-06 08.52.43 1.jpg
Antique farm tools. A hand crank seeder.
And other curios…

2019-06-06 08.52.44 1.jpg

2019-06-06 08.52.44 2.jpg

2019-06-05 09.02.45 4.jpg

2019-06-06 08.52.45 2.jpg

2019-06-06 08.52.45 1.jpg
Attacked by antiques

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27 thoughts on “The Lambertville Photo Roster

  1. Ho ho! That last shot of Adi is hilarious! I didn’t know that James Marshall was from there – I will have to keep that for future reference. My favorite photos were of the old medicine bottles. Old lettering with cork tops – who could resist? So glad you were able to post the photos – Neek


    1. Of course you would know Marshall. I remember your Gold Rush post…I want to see the inside of his house next time. I love those old bottles too. Old world and charming…the likes of which I have only read in books. 🙂 Thank you Neek! xx


  2. Loved this more visual entry about Lambertville. I found the doors and church of special interest – such beauty. Is the weather always this good in this area or you got lucky? Favourite thing about the town?


    1. Hey Virginia, thank you for browsing through the photos. The church was so beautiful. I love anything to do with golden stars with an inky backdrop…It has been lovely in fits and starts. The sunshine can be awfully scrawny at times. Like, I woke up to a glum rainy morning. Looking outside now though, the day has done a volte face and it is beautifully sunny.
      Any town that has a good number of coffee shops, books and antiques to browse through and old architecture, has my heart. What about your favourite features in any town? xx


    1. Thanks Caroline! Got to make the best of what we get at hand.
      The dolls…I always make a point to make Adi look at them. He gets quite so freaked too by their vacant stares. 😀
      And once in a while, it makes my day to catch these off-the-cuff pictures of Adi. xx


  3. Yes, I felt the Victoriana 🙂 🙂 Superb shot inside St. John’s, and I remember tapestry cushions and those wonderful old sewing machines that would never sew straight for me!


    1. Cheers Jo! It is interesting to see how different elements in the same post appeal variously to each of my blogger friends. Thank you for taking the time to browse. 🙂 xx


  4. What fun to come along on a virtual tour of Lambertville, which I’ve never heard of! It looks so charming, and I especially love your photos of the goods inside the antique store. What a delightful outing. 🙂


    1. Thank you for indulging me and dropping by my post (of inadequate photos). Lambertville was a surprise for us too, given that it sits so close to where we are. And as you can see, I will take anything promising — be it a hike or an antique store — that comes my way. Cheers!


    1. Wiser words were never spoken. An experienced traveller just carries his memories as his souvenirs — and maybe a small magnet too? I am a magnet addict! Thank you for browsing through the photos, Brianji. Cheers.


      1. A magnet addict now? My, my. I can imagine you with your vintage spectacles perched at the end of your nose, pondering which magnet will still fit on the fridge…
        Au revoir mon amie.


      2. Our fridge has thrown her hands up in the air and is begging for mercy. Vintage specs are not cutting it with her. :-/
        Au revoir.


    1. Right you are! Which is why I got excited and declared it to be summer already, and now, the grey days are back again. 😛


      1. No kidding! Gray days again? That’s discouraging. We had sun-sun-sun, but now (thankfully) we’ve had a week of cooler temps and even a little rain, which my garden loves (yay!). Your family here must be telling you they’re missing the sun, probably! Have a really great day, Dippy Dotty Girl! Great to see your postings again. 🙂


      2. Thank you Theresa. You are right, I have been seeing my sister-in-law’s insta updates and they were all soaked in sun. I love the rain, from time to time. It introduces an introspective note to a string of sunny days, I feel. Plus I cannot bear it when the scales read above 30C. Because it has been raining here incessantly the last few days, the parks are glistening with freshly bathed beauties. Have a lovely day at your end, T. xx


  5. […] search is exhausting. But this post not being about the house hunt, I will take you right away to Lambertville, a small town filled with antique stores by the Delaware river. It was one of those chilly February […]


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