Broodings of a Grey Day

Some days the best thing you can do is go for a long run. The mind trots along with you, and well, by the time you have decided to call it a day and arrived home, you feel brand new. Nothing can dull the edge of an endorphin rush.

On other days, you stretch, stretch, stretch. A spot of gentle yoga to make you feel lissome.

And then, there are special days. When you gobble down cookies you have baked and admire your own handiwork. For, there is a time for everything. Isn’t that what they say? Right, so this be the time for oat cookies, and if you are in the business of details, laced with butter, chunks of espresso chocolate, demerara sugar, cranberries and sea salt.

Now, sat with a crime novel, I feel a bit like an elephant. A contented elephant, if I should have to point out. Guilt can come knocking another day.

So yes, instead of being outside and feeling the cold breeze stir up the cells, I am tucked cosily beneath my duvet, distracted by nothing in particular from this gripping novel, staring at the church steeple and the bland grey skies time and again, idly wondering when the park shall be mine again.

You see, the park, my park, as I call it bossily, happens to be a county park. Sometime ago, it was decreed shut by order of the governor of New Jersey. This means it is completely off bounds, for all of us. Yet, some have decided that this is the time they shall sneak into the taped-off stretches to stroll, jog, and walk their dogs. This also means that the copper is on his daily rounds, patrolling the park, bearing down upon this errant lot, his wrath released upon them through loudspeakers.

In the last few days, pounding the pavement alongside the park, staring dreamily at the water that sparkles bewitchingly in the bay across the greens, I have been startled a few times to hear people admonished so. Steely words ringing through the air. “Get off the park immediately. The park has been sealed for a reason.” For some reason, it puts me in mind of Mr. Goon and his spectacular “clear orfs”. You must know who I refer to. I miss Mr. Goon. I am feeling a bit random and meh, if you will.

Anyhow, I have a new haunt now. Forty blocks down from where we live, is a small park by the bay where across a slipway boats are launched into the waters, and where baits cast into the waters, a couple of anglers wait for hours on wooden decks. I have adopted this park for me own. It stays so empty that when I first came across it, I felt it was the town’s well-kept secret. But yesterday, lopping down to it, I was startled. It being a day flooded by stellar sunshine, beautiful and liquid, people had arrived in droves.

Answering the siren call of the sunny evening, couples sat on benches snacking on sandwiches, girls and boys ran enthusiastically around the tracks, and families played all sorts of bat-and-ball games on the massive stretch of green. All in all, one big joyride. And certifiably strange for the first few minutes, you know. Like a preview of what the world was like before a certain virus came calling upon us. 

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Arundhati Basu

The great affair in my life is to travel. I count myself immensely fortunate that my partner shares this passion. We are a team that likes to spend time planning and plotting out places to go. Destination check, flights check, accommodation check, cheesy grins check. Off we go.

39 thoughts on “Broodings of a Grey Day

  1. Hello there A! I enjoyed reading this. I was waiting to see the picture of the cookie though hahah. The book you’re reading sounds exciting. Uhm, mine right now is Winnie the Pooh’s Winter Stories. Oh no, it’s not because my 10-year old asked for it, he actually feels embarrassed to be seen reading these types of books now. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my love for young kids’ books especially on a rainy morning here in Singapore. Hope you and Adi are keeping safe in there. We’re good here so far. Everyone’s at home. I was displaced actually, the hubby’s using my study table, my teen is using my pilates space, the nanny’s taken hold of the kitchen and dining area, but I’ve insisted that I’ve gotta continue with my travel blogging thingy so finally I’ve managed to find a tiny corner in my younger boy’s study. 🙂

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    1. Ahahaha, your travails are that of every mum out there, Amor. Hold on. You shall have your pilates, study… space back soon. I hear you. It is tough to have your routine turned topsy turvy.

      Thank you for reading, lovely. I am glad to see you here again. Shall pop by your blog shortly. The photo of the cookies is featured on my blog home page.

      I love Winnie the Pooh and all of the books I grew up with too. They carry feelings of comfort and nostalgia so strong. We are doing okay on the whole. Got a roof, food and husband. Cannot complain. Though Adi is growing impatient. All he wants to do is sit in a bar/restaurant and let life roll back to its former pace. 🙂 xx

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      1. Oh I totally agree with you. We have a roof on our heads, food (sometimes cookies too) on our table and healthy family and friends. Everything else doesn’t seem to matter as much it seems. I didn’t realise that you moved to another website. But it’s good that I still got to receive notification in the wordpress reader.

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      2. Cookies too, and a day later, milk cake with oat flour, pistachios and cardamom. Certainly no room for whinging here, milady. Happy to hear that you are still receiving my post updates. Have a fun weekend, Amor. Xx

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  2. It’s a very difficult time for all of us. In India, this is the 37th day of lockdown and I wonder when we’ll be able to return to a life that has some semblance to the life we led before this invisible enemy descended upon us. I’m glad that you’ve found a park to go for walks. I’m even more glad to visit your blog after a long while. Stay safe. Take care.

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    1. Hello Shweta, yes it has been a while. Hope you are holding up. It is tough there I know, especially with no way to step outside. But soon… I do hope you have a routine to bring peace to your days. At my end, the park is my chunk of happiness. Sending positive vibes to tide you till this is over. x

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      1. I am stepping out only groceries. Blogging has really helped me a lot. I just finished the A2Z challenge. So I need to find new ways to keep myself occupied now. I need all the positive vibes that I can get. Thank you so much. 🙂

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      2. Blogging is a release for all the pent-up emotions then. We all have to find our release in something or the other. I raise my glass of wine on this fine Friday to that thought. Have a good weekend, Shweta. 🙂


  3. I hate grey days, not that we have very many, but the temptation to stay under the duvet with a good book, a cup of coffee and a cookie looms large. I thank our lucky stars we can at least roam around the Domaine’s gardens. Whichever time of day we wander, we very rarely meet anyone else. However, we have spotted some youngsters playing boules who probably aren’t embracing social distancing!

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    1. It must be annoying to see people flouting rules, which serve the purpose of liberating us (ultimately) from this life of lockdown. I am glad to hear that you are getting your daily dose of fresh air in the gardens near home and also that there are less of these grey days. Btw we cancelled our tickets for Spain. All flushed down. What a pity but I guess life will be on a bit of a clampdown for some time! xx

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      1. That is what I keep telling myself! It is prudent to be close to home in the near future. Never thought that a virus could bring the world to its knees. Now, I believe we have seen (almost) everything! xx

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      2. It’s unfollowed me again! And, when I try to re-follow, It tells me that there’s a problem following your site! Hope you’re both okay?


      3. Yeah, it’s great being able to ride outside and we went out for dinner on Saturday. The husband of one of our friends has been practising his cooking in lockdown and he wanted my opinion. It was so lovely not to cook and clear away from a meal. Plus, the meal was superb.

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  4. You are so right. There is a time for everything. Walking is my running. When I walk, I loose track of everything, except what’s around me in nature, and for a while my head clears. And I love lounging with a good book (and cake or cookies). Only problem is I can’t do that all day without that pesky inner critic whinging on. You seem to have got that nailed. I salute you, my friend.

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    1. Hmm these are testing times, Tracey. If we can walk/run through it, indeed cookie through, we shall be there at the finish line, at some point. Though is there such a line? Never mind, one day at a time sister! There’s the weekend ahead. xx
      P.S.: I just remembered that my comments on your posts, the last few times I was on your blog, are not showing up. Guessing they have been devoured by spam.


  5. Ah yes, all of our little hideaway places to go in the city for a bit of rest and nature are all closed or being utilized for Covid testing. But it’s a little price to pay, as we all see what devastation this insidious virus is causing. So we continue on with face masks, gloves, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers with hopes that this will be over one day. Excuse me, while I check on the pumpkin bread that I am baking now. Neek’s bakery is open today! Hee! Take care.

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    1. It is very little price to pay frankly, Neek. In India it has been complete lockdown, which mean no options for exercise in the fresh air. So I am thankful that I can at least step out and retain some sanity. What the future holds, who knows? I have stopped thinking about it, beyond today.

      Your pumpkin bread sounds delicious. The aroma of it is reaching me here in the East Coast and I am mentally scoffing it from afar. 😃 Carry on baking sistah! xx

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  6. Hallooo!! Omg how have you been? Really had a hard time finding your site, but finally glad I did! What happened to your old one? Or is it the same? I just remember that I couldn’t find you when I came back from my hiatus.

    And yess. This is technically still what I do on most weekends these days- curl under the duvet with a book and tea🙌🥰. But it’s really hot these days, so cant help roaming around.
    SO glad to have found your blog again. Xxx

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    1. Hiya! I have been good. A bit lazy on the blog. Otherwise all well. It is the same old portal, but with a different look. Just to inject it with a dose of freshness. I switched host sites, so I must have lost followers and unfollowed those I followed before.

      Curling under the duvet with a cuppa and a book sounds just about my way of unwinding. I am glad that you found your way back. Welcome again! *drumroll 🙂 xx


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