Having been a part of the professional writing trade for 18 years, I offer superlative proofreading and editing services to polish up your paper. Maybe the grammar is not quite alright, the words are not sitting well, or, there are inconsistencies in your document; whatever your dilemma, my job is to iron away the creases in it. I use my considerable experience as a writer to bring valuable feedback to the table.


By nature, proofreading is about fixing irregularities on the surface of the article. If you are confident about your writing, the language and structure of your document, and you simply require a basic grammar check (misspellings, typographical and punctuation errors) on the final draft of your document, opt for the proofreading service.

What to expect:

  • Elimination of incorrect spellings, grammatical and punctuation errors, inconsistencies, formatting errors
  • Less collaborations with the author
  • No word reduction
  • Shorter turnaround time

BY THE WORD: $ 0.06 per word

BY THE HOUR: $70 and up. For projects that are difficult to quote on per word basis. This would include legal, medical and technical documents.

BY THE PAGE: $15 and up. For articles that are double spaced with 1″ margins and written well. Word count on each page is <250.

BY THE PROJECT: Contact me for a custom quote for sizeable, fixed-budget projects. We can work the pricing around your timeline and project needs.


When proofreading isn’t enough, I will edit your articles. This service is aimed at those who want work done on the first draft of their document and a continuation till they are satisfied with the end product, the final draft.

What you can expect:

  • Language enhancement to ensure smooth reading and overall improvement in writing quality
  • Word reduction and tightening of document, if required
  • Collaborations with the author
  • Longer turnaround time, depending upon the kind of intensive work required on the document

BY THE WORD: $ 0.15 per word

BY THE HOUR: $90 and up

BY THE PAGE: $25 and up

EXPEDITED SERVICES: Send over your document for a free quote and customisation depending upon your timeline and needs.

Fill out the Contact Form on the website and tell me all about your project/s.

Let’s get started!