Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated by Marlena, a multi-tasking blogger, who likes to write posts from the life of an interracial family and talk about ‘the fusion of cultures, races, religions and everything that comes along with it’ in her words.

Sorry Marlena, got a bit delayed in putting this up, but well here we go.

My Blogging Journey

I had an anonymous blog once which became pretty non-anon in the course of a few weeks and months. I still go back to it and read it once in a while and smile because I was silly and such a crabby old thing. The silly bit remains a part of me as it will till the day I pop it, I believe, but the crabby facet has been sorted out for the most part. I blogged every day then, and now that I have started a travel blog I like to be regular about picking your brain on what you think too along with liberally scattering my comments in the blogosphere. I would not have it any other way. Don’t know about you though.

Advice to New Bloggers

  • Keep writing as much as you can. It brings regular readers back to your blog and creates the connect between readers and you.
  • Follow other bloggers and mostly you shall get the courtesy in return, unless your blog does not connect with the person you choose to follow at all. There are no fixed rules about following or being followed.
  • Do guest posts for popular blogs. They will grab eyeballs and possibly bring new readers in.
  • Leave out the millions of exclamations, pretty please? Makes me think your eyebrows are stuck up on the forehead in a stance of perpetual surprise.

That is all, really. Now, I am supposed to be nominating blogs for the award. But I am very aware (lesson learned after my first go at it) that it is not for everyone. Thank you, Marlena, I do not know how much my two-bit helps any new blogger, but the hope remains. Cheers.