Reminiscing Sundays

For this fine Sunday, here’s a set of postcards that takes me back to our summer in Seattle and the Pacific North West with my husband’s sister and her family. It was a hot but splendid summer spent exploring lavender farms and driving through scenic mountains wreathed in mist and past pretty passes, making our way into old American towns with typical diners and rail engines, chugging on iced teas and beer, guzzling wine like water after setting our mouths on fire with the hottest chilli sauce we have ever dug into, meeting good looking Native American boys in Canadian towns with hair that reached their waist (at that point I had a pixie hairdo so it made me miss my mane a fair bit), tucking into hot, hot, hot chicken wings with our niece and nephew gunning us on to compete for a level-7 challenge (this remains on our bucket list with them) which is supposed to send you screaming into town. You get the picture. We had a ball. That sentence could have gone on and on and yet it remains the longest sentence I have ever written. Happy browsing, folks.

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Scan 4

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