Vegan Thoughts of a Non-Vegan

A non-sequitur of a start, but a cheery hallo, dear friends. We have been away for a week, hovering around the blue misty mountains y’all know as the Smokies . We had pecan ‘pah’, we were called ‘sugah’, and we soaked in the drawl of the warm Southerners. It was all as heartwarming as the lavish drizzle of maple syrup on a stack of fluffy pancakes.

I am always in serious danger of losing focus as you must know by now, so here let me get to the crux of this post. It is to share my experience of dipping my feet gingerly into the world of a vegan, as a non-vegan.

I am living on the edge, you could say, but then what is life without that side of adventure (be it of the vegan variety). Now don’t you roll your eyes at me, dear non-vegan. Give me a few minutes, okay pet?

A few months ago, through a Pelvic MRI I found out that one of my fallopian tubes have decided to go bonkers on me. It meant that my hormones were all over the place. It also meant that my body was demanding changes in my diet. I set the ball rolling with plant-based milks. Tinkering around with unsweetened almond and cashew milks in my coffee, I found that I could not withstand the taste of cashew milk. The former was acceptable. In the last couple of months, I have arrived at the grudging conclusion that almond milk suits me better than cow’s milk. Coz the bloating I was experiencing earlier has been relieved. I cannot not stress enough on how it has changed my life for the better.

At the same time, I cut out poultry and instead started putting together simple vegan meals. Courgetti in pesto, salads with pearl barley and chickpeas, clear soups, roasted veggies. I also continued with my beloved staple of daal (lentils) and Bengali-style veggies. And I realise that it is not tough to eat vegan. Nor is it too expensive. I just have to plan beforehand and take stock of what’s languishing in the fridge. Plus there’s the summer bounty of fresh fruits — watermelon, cucumber, kiwi, apples and mangoes.

Have you been contemplating veganism too?

Now, because life has been made easier with the option of availing online tests, you can figure out if veganism suits your body through the online lab portal, Because our bodies demand bespoke lifestyles. You may opt for the basic ‘Should I be Vegan’ panel if you want to take a first step.


  1. This is a sponsored post. It went with the change in my life so I decided to embrace it. Though I remain a non-vegan, occasionally indulging in fish and seafood platters.
  2. The featured (grainy) photo is a shot from Ella Mills’ book on vegan meals. Red bell peppers stuffed with mushrooms and pine nuts sounds like a delicious side for lunch, so right after posting I shall get started on it.
  3. There is another lovely book I am eyeing right about now. The Green Roasting Tin by my niece-in-law, Rukmini Iyer. It offers plenty of one-dish dinners to go with this busy life of ours. Plus it looks gorgeous.
  4. Lastly, a few months ago, I would have snorted at my own post in disbelief. But I have swallowed all expressions of derision and snorts since. It is this thing called living. It makes you think twice, all the time.